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                Sieve shakers

SF100Sieve shakers is widely used in pharmaceutical, metallurgy, food, cosmetics, food and other industries particle analysis, a simple, no rotating parts, electronic control amplitude and frequency, etc., 
Its performance is equivalent to the imported brands shaker. Compared with the traditional manual screening, can greatly reduce the labor intensity, improve labor efficiency, the industry is essential laboratory particle analysis filters. 
  Instrument environment and working conditions 
Normal use environment · instrument should be 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, relative humidity less than 80% 
· Use 220V, 50Hz AC power 
· Instrument power supply must be reliable ground 
· Try to stay away from high-intensity electromagnetic interference sources 
Technical parameters of the instrument 
• Use Range: ≤325 Head 
Vibration frequency: 3000 times / min, 6000 beats / min 
· Amplitude selection: 0mm-3mm continuous adjustment 
Vibration mode: 
  1. subtle vibrations 
.2 Intermittent vibration 
.3 Continuous vibration 
· Instrument Weight: 20kg 
· Power: AC 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1Hz 
4 instrument works 
The use of advanced IC shaker control, easy to operate. It is screening large, adjustable amplitude, sieve header graduated, may 
Effective amplitude is observed visually. 
Principle box shown in Figure 1, shape structure shown in Figure 2. 
Vibrating sieve for an electronically controlled main electromagnet placed points on which there is a screen (up to 8, each of the high 50mm) 
Diaphragm. Electronically controlled electromagnet 3000 vibration (50Hz) or 6000 times per minute (100Hz) per minute 
Passed the vibration plate. Vibration plate fixed with sorting screens, chassis and screen mesh head. Screening the amplitude of the tower can be by electrical 
Sub-controllers from 0 to about 3mm, from the sieving time by the timer may be adjusted to 60 minutes 3​​. 

Vibration sieve has a "subtle," "intermittent", "continuous" three controllers: 
"Subtle": shaker at a fixed low amplitude and 6000 times per minute (100Hz) the frequency of vibration. This work status available 
The analysis of microscopic mesh (especially the wet sieving). 
"Discontinuity": shaker according to 3000 times the required amplitude (50Hz) frequency vibrations per minute, vibration sieve tower Week 
Period can be set via the potentiometer to 3s to 10s, dwell time of about 1.5s, to prevent the resonance between the screen and the material and shorten sieve 
Points of time. 
"Continuous": work shaker above, but there is no pause. This work is mainly used for easy status screening material (contained in the fine 
Small substance is not particularly large). 
When dry particles larger than 200 mesh sieve, sieve ball can be placed in the sub-screen help, each screen is available 10 diameter of 10mm 
5 agate balls having a diameter of 20mm, or a rubber ball in order to prevent clogging of the screen.