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                                                       Magnetic drive stirred tank reactor 
                                                                           Instrument Description:  
                                                                           WZC100 controller with DC series of non-stirred tank reactor, the reactor can be achieved on the heating,                                                                                cooling, mixing, programming and many other control functions, data acquisition. 

  Continental Dingchuang WZC100 series controller features: 
1, temperature precision: three-color LCD intelligent controller can simultaneously detect the temperature and the reactor vessel wall temperature. And chain of control, any way exceed the set values ​​are not heated, and can set their own final heating power. This effectively prevents temperature overshoot, very suitable reaction temperature is below 180 degrees and the need to limit the number of experiments exceeded the critical temperature value will produce an explosion or decomposition of reactive substances. Comes with 256 segment programmed temperature control segment. 
Two strong stirring: using the latest powerful magnets rare earth materials, mixing torque greatly enhanced. Brushless DC motor can theoretically reach the stirring life of more than 10 years without replacement of worn parts. Speed ​​can be made 0-2000 rev / min set free. 
3, strict selection: Integrated accessories for durability and safety critical controllers, I uphold the concept of safe, durable, controller main components are imported or joint venture brands. Efficient and durable quality components integrated control system 
4, Safety: the temperature or pressure alarm will trigger an alarm, the alarm associated alarm points are shown in red and flashing. Controller Built AC contactor, control the heating power switch. While heating the alarm stops automatically. After the chain of control, after which the alarm should be checked before people find the cause of the malfunction after manual recovery. (Also can be set to automatically restore heating) and optional combustible gas alarm systems. 
5, modular heating design: different reactor volume control can be shared chassis, kettle body can share the same outer diameter heater. Thus save money. And the heater housing is provided with a dedicated anti-scald guard, to prevent customers burns. 
6, flexible matching and customization: 
      a, gas alarm system: The system is equipped with a gas alarm, the combustible gas alarm controller will alarm linkage reactor and heating automatically stops. 
      b, pressure display (control) module: import pressure display module includes a pressure sensor, connecting cable, smart display controller. Pneumatic pressure control module to add additional back pressure valve and electronic pressure controllers. Depending on the reactor pressure pressure range configurations. 
      c, cooling modules: can be equipped with pneumatic cooling modules rapid cooling vessel wall temperature. Includes cable, solenoid valves, and pipelines. 
      d, optional data communication cables and data acquisition software. The reaction temperature can be achieved, the pressure vessel wall temperature and collected. 
Relevant data can be dynamically playback, all the data can be recorded simultaneously, and you can add extra insulation for heating module reactor auxiliary systems or pressure display module. Data can be converted to excel spreadsheet, chart customer convenience for secondary processing.